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        Setiel here once again to say how excitingly close we are to completing this achievement. As of right now we are at 865 out of 1,000. Everyone helping out don't give up just yet, because the finish it right there.   ,,,=^.^=,,,

Mix Master Update

Setiel a posted Jun 28, 12
Setiel here again, to give you a update on the progress.
We are pasted the halfway mark to the guild achievement "Mix Master". I have to thank all our guild mates that have helped out so far. We are almost there, let's keep up the great job. =^.^=

Mix Master

Setiel a posted Jun 27, 12
Hello everyone, Setiel here to make a important announcement.
I'm working hard on the guild achievement "Mix Master", and I can use all the help I can get. I need as many Catalysm herb mats (Volatile Life's, Cinderblooms, Whiptails,ex) as I can get, to make the flask for this achievement. So let banned together, and pull off this feat.
That's right folks! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Sio's mini games really are back! There will be 2 mini games going on each week! The 1st is the guild lottery. This game will be running every week. The 2nd will be a mini game that I created. All the rules and info for each game are posted in the mini game forums! With that being said, Good luck to everyone!

So I am looking to set up a day where we can run into ICC 10 man and get our achievements and the mount! I need to know who is interested and what days and times would be good for you. please send in game mail to Astropriest with your info. Thank you. ~Rèaper~

Sio's Mini Games Reminder

TheDaiLi a posted Jan 25, 12
Just a friendly reminder to all my wonderful guildies. To be eligible to win the prize for Sio's Mini Game's, your answers must be posted in the forum that the question was posed in. You by all means can answer directly to Sio or Cap (the ones running the game) or say it in guild chat, but your answer will not be accepted. So take caution and make sure you post you answers in the forum page, or someone may see yours that you post in guild chat and get it to the right location before you do. ^-^ Good luck and have a great time ^-^
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