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Critter Kill Squad Update

By Setiel a - Posted Jul 3, 12
           It's Setiel here, to let you know the awesome response there has been to this achievement. As of right now we are @ 24,126 out of 50,000. We are 874 critters away from the halfway point of this one. That means we have killed 1,453 critters since I posted that we should try to work on it. That's fantastic!!! Lets keep up the great work. If your wondering what cave V is talking about, well here it is. The best places you can find critters...

Terrorweb Tunnel in Eastern Plaguelands
Spiders, Scorpions, Cockroaches
Suitable for Level 40+
Approximate Number of Critters: 260
Approximate Clear Time: 10 mins or less
Critters Per Hour: 1500

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