Guild Rules and By-Laws

<The Dai Li> is a diverse set of players in "The World of Warcraft” that come in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and regions, varying ages and skill levels but we share one thing in common, we all love and enjoy it. To that end, to make sure that we succeeded in creating a fun and safe environment for those that join us, we have formed the following By-Laws to ensure that we remain the top-notch fun and friendly family guild that we are becoming known for. 

Guild Chat, Ventrilo, and Guild Website Usage:

     This is the common ground for everyone, whether you're brand new to the game and the guild, or you've been around the block for years. Guild Chat, Vent, and the Website are all to remain a safe and respectful place for everyone. We politely request that we keep these avenues of communications free and clear of controversial discussion, such as Politics and Religion, and we will make it known that there will be absolutely NO hate speech tolerated in any of these. If you'd like to discuss Politics, Religion, or any other controversial topic with a friend currently online, please do one of the following: (1) Make a party in-game, and use party chat for it (2) Use a different Ventrilo Channel that is currently unoccupied (3) Use the "General Discussion" forum on the Website. We would like to also request that the use of profanity in guild chat is kept to a bare minimum.


     If you sign up for any guild event, whether a raid, group activity, meeting, or any other, you have committed yourself to joining. If you cannot make it, please let someone know ahead of time if at all possible. We know and understand that you cannot predict what happens in life, and even the best raiders will miss a night from time to time, but know and understand that there are many other people relying on your promised presence. 

Guild Bank:

     Please see the Guild Ranks section for a full run-down of Guild Bank Permissions for each player rank. 

Corrective Actions:

     Any infractions for the above rules will result in one of the following corrective actions. 

First Offense: Taken aside by Officer or the leader of the organized activity and a warning will be issued

Second Offense: A documented warning will be made

Third Offense: Final warning issued

Fourth Offense: In the case of organized activities, will be put down to the reserve players, and will be replaced with someone else more willing or in the case of other infractions, will be put on new probationary period with the guild.

Fifth Offense: In the case of organized activities, will be banned from that group, or in the case of other infractions, will be removed from the guild pending vote from Officers and GM's

Arcanetank I have read, understood and agree to the above rules for our guild's EULA. Signed, Aaron (Arcanetank.)
Capziellis Capziellis (Chris) and all the toons I don't care to work on listing out lol
Viernna a I have read and agree to abide by the rules above - Viernna, Laurah, Vierrae, Taura, Szora....and anyone else I forgot