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Obsidian NightWing's

Sionnoch a posted Jul 21, 12
              Setiel here to say WOW!!! We are right now @ 28,111 out of 50,000 on the guild achievement "Critter Kill Squad". When the we had the guild meeting last night, we were only 16 critters away from the halfway point (That was 24,984). That means there has been 3,127 critters killed since the meeting. Give yourself a pat on the back. That is a great jump in the numbers. We have smashed the halfway mark in this achievement. Lets keep up the awesome job. =^.^=

Guild Meeting Photo

Sionnoch a posted Jul 9, 12
Guild Meeting Photo

Critter Kill Squad Update

Setiel a posted Jul 3, 12
           It's Setiel here, to let you know the awesome response there has been to this achievement. As of right now we are @ 24,126 out of 50,000. We are 874 critters away from the halfway point of this one. That means we have killed 1,453 critters since I posted that we should try to work on it. That's fantastic!!! Lets keep up the great work. If your wondering what cave V is talking about, well here it is. The best places you can find critters...

Terrorweb Tunnel in Eastern Plaguelands
Spiders, Scorpions, Cockroaches
Suitable for Level 40+
Approximate Number of Critters: 260
Approximate Clear Time: 10 mins or less
Critters Per Hour: 1500

MavricC2012 if we get enough guildies on at once, the snake boss location in the questing zone of outside ZG is an amazing spot. It ...

Lich King Raid

Sionnoch a posted Jul 3, 12
Was wondering if anyone was interested in doing a 10 man Guild Achievement for killing the Lich King. A few members got the achievement tonight and we only had 8 people. So as long as we can learn the mechanics of the fight we can deff get this fight done with! Please let me know in game by sending me an in game mail with what times are best for you! And grats to those who got their kill Tonight
          Setiel here to let you know as of 7-1-12 @ 6:30est, We finished the achievement "Mix Master". Everyone give yourself a pat on the back. We really blow that one out of the water. It only took us 6 days to complete. Lets set our sights on another one. How about "Critter Kill Squad"? All we got to do is kill 50,000 critters. We are right now standing @ 22,673 out of 50,000. We're almost halfway there. So when your out and about. You see a crawling critter... KILL IT!!! ... tehehe =^.^= I know we can have this in no time.
Setiel a That will be great, hugs. Even if everyone just kills the ones they run by will help to this achievement, and it dose no...
Viernna a I will commit to running through my favorite cave at least once every time i log in
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